Feeling Vulnerable While Traveling

Traveling and moving to a new country has its fair share of positive experiences and also its dose of challenges. I decided to venture out alone to address some personal issues with trust and opening up to people. I decided that in order to trust people and most of all strangers, I would have to force myself to face these big bad strangers head on.

I first had to let go of prejudiced delusions and forget about all the dreadful stories people tell you about tourists getting robbed, raped, and murdered in foreign countries. In order to make this journey something lasting and meaningful, I had to become vulnerable. I would need help, I would need guidance, I would need friends along this road.


The first thing that I realized was that most people are good. Most people are happy to help. Most people have the same needs as you to love and be loved. Simple. Love is all around!


I was amazed at the newfound trust that I so easily acquired. That came from my very first interactions proving that I had (mostly) nothing to worry about. Yes, bad apples are in every batch, but by keeping my normal street smarts switched on I can trust my instincts to stay away from these bad-news individuals.

CELTA 2015-11

CELTA 2015-4

I have met some pretty amazingly awesome fabulously fantastic people on my travels so far. I am listening to my intuitions and letting people into my perimeter without overthinking things. Some are fleeting and transitory acquaintances, others are gained and trusting friendships.

Feels good be be authentically in the moment in my brand spanking new friendships.