On The 12 Hundred Journey

This space is dedicated to authentic living and the pursuit of freedom. Yes, the process to get me here has taken me through some mud and through a lot of tear- filled sleepless nights.

But I am here.

When I started planning out this crazy adventure I knew I had to name it. When I saw that it was manifesting itself and was becoming accessible in many ways, I knew I had to own it by giving it a title. I knew I had to hang on to it for fear of losing it. Naming something makes it tangible and makes it personal. Like when you name a stray cat, you know that you are then linked to the cat and that you will likely end up feeding the cat and then eventually making the cat a part of your family. Welcome to the family, Charlie! Thanks for showing up on my Mom’s porch when she needed you the most.

And so I went on the search for a name.

I asked a friend what she thought this adventure should be called. Without hesitation and with a huge smile she said “midlife crisis”. Now, I know she meant this in all comedic intention, but it hit home. Yes, midlife was where I was. Yes, I was planning something crazy and completely outside of my boundaries. Yes, midlife crisis, but in a fuckin’ good and positive way!

I wasn’t going to buy a flashy car or a Harley Davidson, like my older sister did when she went through this stage in life. (I love my sister and her toys. 😉 ) No, I was going to get rid of all my worldly possessions and head out into the super scary world all by myself. That was the plan, that was what was going to happen, that was the craziest idea I had ever had and I had never felt so good about anything in my life.

But, sadly, www.midlifecrisis.com was not available. Shocker! After a few minutes of reflection, I decided to mirror a whole lifespan into a day.


I’m presently at twelve noon and the sun is shining high in the sky. Thus was born www.twelvehundredjourney.com

I took this photo last summer in my hometown when my house had been sold and I barely had anything left to my name. I never felt so free and I couldn’t wait to experience life without the burden of material possessions. I didn’t know what was going to happen, I didn’t know much at all really. All I knew was that I really enjoyed the newfound sensation of freedom that I was feeling.

I had no certainty about anything but I knew that everything was going to be alright because the sun was shining, I had hope in my heart, and dreams to guide me.

-Fearlessly onward bound.