Rolling With The Punches

Some days I wish I was as resilient as this tree right here. This tree is growing out of the side of a building. This tree is badass.


I wish I didn’t let setbacks affect me as they sometimes do, I wish I could react better in stressful situations, and I wish I could be as cool as a cucumber.

But I’m not.

I still resort back to fear occasionally, I still question and doubt myself (daily), and I sometimes forget how capable I really am.

Because I am.

I am capable, and competent, and gifted, and good, and creative. I am all those things and more. Some days I simply need to remind myself.

So on those days when I feel like I’m not strong enough and that I might not make it through, I go visit this tree down the street. It reminds me that I am always stronger than I give myself credit for.

Because I can be this tree if I want to be. Heck, I AM this tree!