Traveling (Slowly but Surely)

Traveling doesn’t have to mean jumping from one exotic place to the next. Traveling doesn’t have to mean having to see every single thing there is to see in a location in the shortest amount of time before moving on to the next place on the list.

For me, traveling has no deadlines or schedules. It means discovering someplace new, it means taking your time to “be” in that place with no agenda. I have no fixed address; I have very little material possessions. What I need, I can pack up and carry whenever I want. This is the life I chose. I feel free to make decisions that are based on my personal well-being and not what society is expecting of me. For now, this is how I choose to be.

I am traveling.








Galapagos-5 2

At the moment I am in Oaxaca, Mexico. I have taken a teaching position with a local language school. I made this decision with the desire to gain some teaching experience and some self-confidence as a new teacher in a relatively conventional way.

This will allow me to take the time to become the teacher I truly want to be.

So, the ensuing posts will be of life as a single-middle-aged-white-Canadian woman blossoming in Mexico. There are already some pretty interesting stories to tell.

I am still traveling, but very slowly.

-Fearlessly forward bound